All participants in Cuba Mission Project must be members in good standing with the churches that fellowship with Living Word Bible Fellowship.  All participants must have made a profession of faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God - the living word of God (John 10:30); that the Bible, both Old and New Testament, is the incarnation of Jesus the Son of God (John 1:1).  All participants must have professed the Bible as the infallible word of  God (II Timothy 3:16-17).  Finally, all participants must understand that Jesus resides in us via His Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17) and that our behavior should reflect this.

In order to share the gospel effectively, it is imperative that those taught about the Bible, communicate in the language of a targeted group.  The church at large has the charge of going and teaching all nations about Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).  In the United States, the largest minority are those of Hispanic/Latino origin, with Spanish as their first language (US Census 2010).  Hence, the participants in the Cuba Mission Project seek to demonstrate and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish while fellowshipping with believers both in Cuba and in the US.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Pastor left Philadelphia at 12:35 pm on this initial leg of his journey.  He traveled from Philly to Detroit (2:25 mins), then the Flight to Amsterdam (8 hrs).  From Amsterdam the team flew to Kilimanjaro then to Dar Es Salaam where they rested.

Notes from Pastor Dave:
Thursday-Friday, February 18th/ 19th

“Just got to the room in Dar Salaam. We'll sleep here for about 5 hrs. and then fly to Tabora tomorrow.  Midnight here, I think that makes it 4p for you.  Very tired - slept maybe 3 hrs. since Wed. morn.”
“5:30 am here in Dar Salaam - was just wakened by the Muslim call to prayer.  Hotel was nice here - AC & plenty hot water - we'll see about Tabora.  Flying there at 8:30 and all ministry occurs there.  Here we go ...”
“Back at the airport - 4 hrs to Tabora.  All four of us are together - I'm the youngest - great group of dear old friends. “

Saturday, February 20th
"Our first session was today - 8am 'till 5pm.  The pastors are so eager to learn and become all that God desires of them.  Pray for them, that they make the most of what little resources they have and rest in God alone as their all sufficient supplier.  And for us, the four instructors, that we accurately communicate the scriptures to them so as to encourage, equip, and inspire them."

Sunday, February 21st

"What a wonderful Lord's Day!  Our team leader, Danny Bullock of EIM and Asst. Dir. of BMA Missions Phil Knott spoke in the early and later worship services of the host church in Tabora.  Missionary Buddy Johnson and I spoke in two different churches out in the villages.  After literally pulling the car out of the mud by hand, we all met back at our host location for an afternoon session of training.  These pastors are caring shepherds who are devoted to Christ and His people!  It is my honor to be a small part in helping them clarify their doctrine and encourage them to be faithful to their calling."
Frankman Palace Hotel
Mission Team Headquarters in Tabora
Monday, February 22nd

"After defining parameters and laying foundations both Sat. and Sun.  we really turned a corner today.  In areas of doctrinal theology as well as practical ministry, there are new levels of conviction and confidence."
"Pray that our remaining days ( 3 topics each session x 2 sessions each day.) be fruitful. "
Tuesday, February 23rd  

'These pastors are getting ready to win their villages for Christ.  You can hear it their questions, see it in their smiles, and definitely feel it their singing.  They seem to have an endless catalog of verses they know and I have recognized many great old hymns like When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, Pass Me Not, and of course Amazing Grace.  But it's not the songs they sing - it's the way they sing them.  With a different leader for each song, the remaining men will respond in echo with the tightest five and six part accapella harmony I've ever heard by non-professionals.  All this while everyone is clapping - some on 1 & 3, some on 2 & 4, and still others in syncopation.  I've never seen more joyful and sincere worship.  I'm receiving much more than I am giving!"

Wednesday, February 24th and Thursday, February 25th

"We'd and Thursday were our best days.  Everyone was tired - pastors and trainers alike, but in every class  the brothers were really 'getting' it.  Whether it was Biblical Doctrine or Practical Church Planting methods, there was the joy of comprehension and the excitement of anticipated application.  I truly admire these men!  With no resources to speak of and armed only with the Love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, they are eager to evangelize their piece of the world and then train others to do what they are about to begin doing.  What am I, what are you doing to evangelize your part of God's world?"

Final Report

You can't spend time with other pastors, especially ones in an unusually disadvantaged circumstance, and not wonder how you would manage in their shoes?  I have the greatest respect and admiration for these brothers!  They're not talking about vacations, sabbaticals, or retirement.  Nothing to do with comfort or self satisfaction.  Only the work of evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication!  This is their passion; their life.  I was inspired by being around them.  I was convicted by being around them.  I need to be around them, and others like them, more.

I hope our whole congregation benefits from my exposure to these brothers who may have learned some doctrine from me, but taught me so very much more.

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