In compliance with the State of New Jersey's orders

The Church will be closed until further notice. 

Pastor Dave will be preaching and leading Bible Study via the web.  He will begin Sunday service at 10:30 am and Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00 pm.   Please know that our Pastor loves all of you, and he will miss you,  but as our dear friend Pastor King would say "and it came to pass".  This came to us and it will pass. We will get through this !  Below please find the links for

Sunday ServiceWednesday Bible Study  and  Men's Prayer Meeting on Friday.

Please join us.

This book is a great resource for your personal devotion.

The weather looks good for tomorrow so we are going to hold church outside tomorrow, Sunday, May 31st.  Please bring a portable chair (e.g. camping chair) as we intend to hold service outside in our chairs.  Governor Murphy has opened up outdoor meetings  with distancing.  So be prepared to worship outside tomorrow, with distancing rules in effect.  Service begins at 10:30.



Faith is more than religion. It's about a relationship between a person and God. Together, we make faith worth living.

My Favorite O.T. Stories
                            Sermon Notes ~ May 31, 2020                                   

Genesis 12 - 17

          Intro: The Promise of “her Seed”                                      3:15

                    The Problem of Separation                                      22-24

                    The Preservation of Life                                          6:

                    The Provision of a “Father”                                     10:1/11:10-26

                    THE CALL TO GO                                                 12:  1

                    THE PROMISE TO BLESS & EXALT                  2-3, 7

                         Detour to Egypt                                                  10-20

                         Separation from Lot                                            13:

                         Rescuing Lot                                                      14:
                    THE PROMISE TO PROTECT & PROVIDE        15:  1

                         Personal Confusion                                             2-3

                         Prophetic Encouragement                                   4-6
                    THE PROMISE CONFIRMED                               7-21

                         He Listens to Logic                                             16:  1-2

                         His Name is Changed                                         17:  1-5